Ernie was willing to take on a big job with some “unknowns”, and was careful to make sure the work was done correctly. He took the time to check some extra resources before getting into the project too. It turned out well, and we had an enjoyable afternoon together.
Dana White
I was first told about Ernie when searching for a way to mount a quick release tank bag for one model bike to another. This required some very complex adapter design as well as a custom fuel cap and ring.

I had a rough idea and sketch of what I wanted. Ernie is over 1000 miles away and took the time to collaborate both via email and phone. His skill, keen eye, and ingenuity resulted in several custom pieces including a slick spring-loaded 1/4 turn knurled extension knob that allowed removal even with bulky heated winter gloves on. The adapter and knob may sound simple, but it was anything but simple: Complex radiuses, multiple layers of cnc countersunk bolts, tight clearances, etc… It took several revisions to make it all work due to my lack of any real layout tools (it would have taken a CMM to get this right on the first pass.. Ernie does not give up. His persistence is what made this happen – pushing me to make it work on several occasions when I had given up on the feasibility of it all.

I will be forever grateful for the effort he put into this, and (perhaps much to his chagrin) he will be the first person I contact for any future design and fabrication needs.

Rusty Atkins
I recently went on a 12000km trip with the RotoPax mounting plate installed. The fuel cell was filled 90% of the time and the mounting plate held up as expected. It was a real good fit on my Super Tenere.
The plate was delivered on time, to workmanship was good and Ernie was a pleasure to work with!!!
Andrew Barrie